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Want to Partner with HikerBabes?



Calling all  Hikerbabes! 

Looking for top-quality outdoor gear? Look no further than our partner Unigear! From tents to backpacks to sleeping bags and more, they have everything you need for your next adventure. Plus, hikerbabes get an exclusive discount using code: HIKERBABES. 

Our Sponsors

SaltStick® Chews help optimize performance by replenishing the electrolytes you lose in sweat. The science-backed formula and buffered ingredients help fight fatigue, minimize heat stress, and reduce muscle cramping due to dehydration. Be your very best out on the trails! Don't forget to grab a pack before your next adventure. 


We have partnered with Saltstick to bring our Hikerbabes a discount! Use code: Hikerbabes20 for 20% off! 

The KOALA is the smartphone leash

for l ife on the go! Created to be a crucial piece of gear for epic adventures on the slope/crag/river/trail, as an indispensable assistant at the job site, and as a trusty sidekick for everyday activities, its simple, secure and compact design slips over any phone, case or not, to protect your device from damage and loss.

Our entire community saves with code: hikerK2015 


Go on your next Adventure with no worries! Kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, hiking & more! Unique & Perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast! 


 Calling all #HikerBabes! Get ready to conquer the trails with TreadBands -

the ultimate non-slip headbands for your outdoor adventures. Whether you're hitting the mountains or exploring the woods, TreadBands have got you covered. Say goodbye to slipping headbands and hello to comfort and style! TreadBands are the only patented non-slip headbands on the market. Available in tieback and loop styles. Worn by elite athletes and YOU! Be sure to check out our Hikerbabe online shop for our new custom Hikerbabes Treadband (sorry, no discount on these)


Use code: Hikerbabes for 20% off!

For a discount! 

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