Custom Hikerbabes Reusable Wipe

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A Wander Wipe, otherwise known as a "PeeRag" is simply an upgraded bamboo fabric cloth used to wipe (pee only) instead of using toilet paper. This helps eliminate waste, having to pack out toilet paper when outdoors and is a great sustainable product at home too. 

Wander woman gear: "In the wide world of fabric, I carefully chose to use Bamboo. This is ultimately what makes this pee rags superior. To keep our lady bits safe... its important that the fabric be antimicrobial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, free of harmful chemicals, non abrasive, and quick drying.

Its also important to note that bamboo fabric retains these features after multiple washings, giving this product serious longevity"

❇ International Hikerbabes only can order if adding on to an order. Sorry, shipping cost is too high. 

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