HikerBabes Community Mission

We are a community of like-minded, diverse women who share a passion for the outdoors. Every day in nature is a gift. Hiking is good for body, mind and soul. We strive to provide a strong, positive support system for all women. 

About us

Our chapter's are free to join and welcome to all women who want to participate. We offer inspiration and empowerment through our

100 Hike challenge, New Adventure Series Challenge and the support of our Ambassadors and fellow members. 

Our 100 Hike challenge is your personal journey. Free to join. Just number and share your hikes 1-100 with our #hikerbabesorg100 This challenge has no rules. Hike your own hike! No time frame, no minimum miles or elevation gains. We just want to help inspire you to get outdoors and receive natures gifts and beauty.

Our chapters are for our members to share their journeys, ask for hiking buddies, learn from our Ambassadors knowledge, meet like-minded women who live in your community, and build relationships that last a lifetime. Our chapters that have Ambassadors also participate in monthly events and occasionally Hike for a Cause events that help your community to be a better place. 

We hope you will join us and help continue to build a strong, diverse, empowered, loving, kind and supportive community of outdoor enthusiasts. Happy Hiking!

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